Life always tastes better with cheesecake | Alexsa Da Costa

One gets the distinct impression that Barnard Inc’s extremely accomplished Office Manager, Alexsa Da Costa always carries a knife in her handbag – you know, in case of cheesecake or something! Metaphorical or not, it’s a description of the way that she approaches her life and her work.

Alexsa joined the Barnard Inc. team a few years ago after she’d arranged a successful year-end function for the firm. Her attitude, skills and insight were a perfect fit with the goals and vision of the team. “I’m really proud of my contribution to the enormous growth and change at Barnard Inc. over the years, especially in 2020!” she tells us. “The pandemic taught us that our team is built on a foundation of strength and endurance.”

“My parents were ‘old school’ – they firmly believed in working hard for what you wanted to achieve,” says Alexsa. Her folks achieved great success in establishing their own business and very obviously imparted their superb work and service ethic to Alexsa. “They epitomised the idea that when you do what you love, with those that you love, you will not work a day in your life.” Barnard Inc. has successfully introduced several productivity systems and innovative service programmes to meet the requirements of a changing world and business environment. It’s Alexsa’s job to ‘steer the ship’ toward ensuring that operational efficiencies are met in pursuit of the firm’s continued growth.

On days when the work environment is tough and the team is struggling, the thick air of chaos is often broken by Alexsa’s distinctive nervous laugh. “I find that it brings a little perspective and order,” she grins. “There’s always time to stop and remember why we’re doing this. For me, laughter is the spark.”

Clearly, that’s another influence from her mom and dad, both of whom have since passed on.  While very dedicated to their careers and to providing for their children in every aspect, her parents loved spending time with their family on weekends around the pool – some of Alexsa’s most treasured memories. Equally, she loves spending time with her son, family and their dog Bella. She relishes road trips and little weekend getaways, outdoor life, water activities, and has a love for gardening and reading.

One of Alexsa’s favourite sayings is, “The present will determine your future, try to do as much today without regret, do not leave a stone unturned.” Exactly! What is hard work and dedication without a good dose of laughter, family, passion, adventure – and the remorseless consumption of cheesecake!?