Espresso Yourself | Wilco du Toit

“Hello. Coffee?” That’s the mantra of the skilled young litigation attorney, Wilco du Toit. You’ll seldom find him without a cup of the finest roast or, indeed, not offering one to a colleague or client. One could very well say that coffee is Wilco’s ‘love language!’ And you’d be right, “Yes, the commodity of love and appreciation in our family is making coffee or receiving a cuppa from your relative,” he confirms.

Wilco’s family is a nurturing and tight-knit unit. He was born in Bloemfontein and his family moved to Pretoria at the start of the millennium. “I have fond memories of growing up next to or on the sports field. Our whole family actively participated in various sport activities,” says Wilco. He excelled in Hockey and achieved an impressive 100 caps for his high school first team. “My parents are the biggest influence in my life. They taught me to be ambitious and competitive on the sport field, and then they gave me the opportunity to find my own path, be independent and solve my own problems.” And whatever the challenges, Wilco always knew that there was a “lekker koppie koffie” and a chat waiting for him at home.

From a young age, Wilco was dead set on pursuing a career in Architecture, which his aptitude tests strongly supported. But it wasn’t his ‘brew’ of choice and eventually he followed the career path of his father and studied law at the University of Pretoria. “My father was involved in labour law and we often discussed some of his matters growing up,” Wilco recalls. “He proudly acted as Mr. Chairman whenever my sister and I argued. I had to deftly argue how that hole in door was caused by everybody else but me!”

Wilco’s gone from explaining holes in the architecture to finding ways of limiting the risks and gaining maximum results for his commercial and property clients. He assists and advises mainly in the areas of commercial litigation, lease disputes and contractual disputes. Wilco and his colleague, Janie Venter, were recently highly praised by the leading Real Estate Investment Trust and property management outfit, Attacq, for the way they handled a particularly tricky property transaction.

When the witty and talkative lawyer isn’t helping his clients or sharing coffees, you’ll find him reading, or spending time with friends, pets, and family. And he always has time for a chat and a good laugh. So pull up a chair and join Wilco’s Coffee Cup Counsel! You won’t regret it.

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