Life by Chocolate! | Stefnie van Staden

They say that each member of the Barnard Inc. team – better known as the “Barnyard” – brings something unique and special to its delightful work culture. There’s the joker, the ‘loud laugher’ (you know who you are!), the nurturer, the beer master, the problem-solver and many more. So if you ask anyone what the Paralegal, Stefnie van Staden brings to the team you’ll probably get the same answer each time; “Chocolate. And Wisdom.”

Stefnie’s positive attitude is infectious. Her colleagues describe her as a people’s person; always looking out for others, always helpful. Even the firm’s commercial law clients are bowled over by the effort she takes to get to know them and understand their requirements.

Stefnie grew up in Springs on the East Rand. After school, she attended Reeva Forman’s Business Management School before becoming a paralegal at a law firm. “I fell in love with law and it became a passion of mine,” she explains. Perhaps Stefnie’s appreciation of legal processes stems from life lessons from her parents – to fight for herself and for others – to strive for justice and good. She eventually started her own paralegal consultancy before joining the Barnard Inc. team.

Chocolate isn’t Stefnie’s only weakness. She also has a soft spot for her daughter, her grandson, and camping trips in the bushveld. “As a single Mom, I’ve learnt to appreciate and focus on the often-overlooked details in life. Enjoying and savouring time with loved ones, and imparting good morals and kindness to my daughter and grandson, so that we can all contribute to a better, healthier and more just world.”

Oddly enough, when we asked Stefnie what she would change about herself, she said she thinks she’s too impatient. But we’re pretty sure that it’s possible to prove her wrong. Just drop by with her favourite slab and she’ll have all the time in the world for you! With a side of wisdom and kindness…