Still waters run deep | Lethabo Qoza-Msiza

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” Benjamin Franklin’s statement is sadly still apt for millions of South Africans, but it is an even truer metaphor for the thousands of hard-working young professionals who have to grind out their career paths under limiting and difficult circumstances. One such professional is Lethabo Qoza-Msiza, an accomplished junior attorney in the dynamic corporate and commercial department at Barnard Incorporated. Lethabo is actively involved in the drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements with the purpose of preparing documents that accomplishes clients’ goals.

Her parents saw potential in Lethabo from a young age. They worked hard to give her a good education. “I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and we went through a lot of challenges and struggles, but God saw us through them all,” recalls Lethabo. “I grew up with my grandparents but equally spent time with my parents which I am grateful for.” She credits her father for her choice of career in law. “He used to say that I am inquisitive and I reason a lot.”

Lethabo grew up in Mamelodi. After completing high school at Eersterust Secondary School, she moved on to study for her LLB at the University of the Witwatersrand. “My family life was full of love and togetherness. There was plenty of laughter and a few tears as well,” she says. “My parents were strict and wanted nothing but the best regarding my schooling. They motivated me to work harder by nurturing my keen interest for studying. They complimented me when I did well, then pushed me to do better.”

Quite providentially, when we ask Lethabo about the one thing she absolutely cannot live without, she blurts out “Water!” without hesitation. Water is a useful description for understanding the experiences that promising young professionals like Lethabo endure when building a career. There’s the ebb-and-flow of the development of her professional progress, combined with learning to cope with the intensely stormy work pressures and demands. Lethabo’s colleagues have no doubt that she’ll achieve great things and overcome many tempests on her way to the top; “She is a grounded and value-centric person, but also very assertive and has a strong personality,” they agree. Still waters run deep.

Lethabo was referred to Barnard Inc. by her spiritual mentor, Clive Roberts. She credits the youthfulness and vision of the firm for her development. “There’s great opportunity for growth. I value our leaders’ commitment to excellence and all the life-lessons gained by working at Barnard Inc.”

When she isn’t fulfilling her career aspirations, Lethabo “rehydrates” by listening to gospel music, picnics, reading, playing with her son, or spending quality time with her husband. We wish her well on her voyage of success and happiness.

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