Unapologetically Me! | Zoë Wort

Talking to Barnard Inc’s Junior Director, Zoë Wort is like listening to the unplugged version of a hit single. All the purpose and passion to succeed – sans noise, bluster or complexity.  “Achieving success quietly is a big deal for me because I think right now a lot of people go out and sing and dance about it. You probably don’t need to sing and dance about it until you’ve crossed the finish line.”

Zoë’s zen-like attitude towards her career and life is founded in the way her mother raised her and her siblings. “My father passed away when I was very young,” she muses. “My mom did her best to raise us and I realised early on that it was no use screaming and shouting about my circumstances. We had to get on with our work and school to build a better future.”

As well as a major influence, family is also central to Zoë’s life and career. “My sister taught me how to be a strong and independent woman. To create my own opportunities in life,” she says. “And my husband keeps me grounded and keeps me laughing.”

Barely a few years after joining Barnard Inc. after completing her BCom Law and LLB degrees at the University of Pretoria, Zoë became a Junior Director at the dynamic firm. Her practice focuses on commercial and corporate law and she has significant experience in contract law, commercial law, corporate governance, corporate restructures – with a particular focus on B-BBEE compliance – and company secretarial duties. “We quietly get on with the job of getting the best results for our clients because consistency and credibility aren’t bought with fanfare and noise.”

In 2020 Zoë became a mom, so nowadays the silence and determination of this talented attorney’s climb to the top of her industry is joyfully broken by the happy sounds of Cocomelon and nursery rhymes! For Zoë Wort it’s “Yes, Yes, Vegetables” and “Yes, Yes, Yes” to an outstanding career!

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