Everything is Awesome! | Precious Majwafi

We have all known one or two people in our lives who light up a room whenever they enter. Their infectious personality and positive attitude to life are impossible to ignore – and admirable in every way. Barnard Inc Legal Secretary, Precious Majwafi is just such a person. She grew up in Pretoria and describes her family life as “all shades of fun!”  My parents always cheered and supported me in all my endeavours, the good and the bad. They never discouraged me or imposed their decisions on me without letting me know, and as a result we have been able to create an unbreakable bond of trust,” she testifies. “They have influenced me in a very positive way. They taught me to always be happy, never fear what life throws in my way and to always be grateful.”

Precious’ attitude to life and personal growth is reflected in her vision for her future. To the so-called ‘normal’ person it reads like a wishful bucket list but in Precious’ case, you can be sure she has every intention of achieving it all – with a smile on her face! “I intend traveling the world, joining the vegan community, owning at least two supercars, being a supermom – and a successful businesswoman.”

Precious attended the University of Johannesburg and decided to pursue her interest in law. “My passion for history and my fascination about the laws that govern humanity led me to this field. I’m proud of my qualifications.” Precious joined Barnard Inc through a temp agency, but quickly worked her way into a legal secretary position. Her colleagues describe her as friendly, kind, smart, alluring, caring, loveable, amazing, interesting, jolly, and happy person. “With Precious, everything is awesomeness!” they agree.

Precious is quick to return the compliment. “What I like most about the ‘Barnyard’ are the cool, calm, friendly, vibrant, and outspoken colleagues I work with and learn from.”

Interestingly, Precious describes her memory foam pillow as the only thing she could absolutely never do without. Like her favourite cushion, no matter the pressures, challenges and obstacles, she always returns to her default position: Awesome!