Tongaat-Hulett’s suppliers challenge ‘unsavoury’ Business Rescue actions – Legal Explainer

The business rescue proceedings involving agriculture and agri-processing business, Tongaat Hulett have been reported on extensively – particularly the various

By Pieter Walters 4 Min Read

Navigating The Green Tide: South Africa’s Emerging Greenwashing Litigation Landscape

Environmental consciousness has become a global chorus, and the term 'greenwashing' has emerged as a dissonant note, prompting a surge

By Koos Benadie 5 Min Read

Dodging Contract Catastrophes: Key Tips to Protect Your Business from Disastrous Agreements

In the world of business, contracts are the lifeblood that keeps everything running smoothly. While it would be ideal if

By Andries Stander 4 Min Read

Rejecting the Insurance Claims of Dishonest Clients: Not the Open and Shut Scenario one would expect it to be

Insurance claims present complex questions of fact, circumstance, and law.  The question arises then; if a customer of an insurance

By George Herbst 8 Min Read

Inflated Insurance Claims and Forfeiture of Benefits

The Supreme Court of Appeal had to consider the question whether an insurer is entitled to repayment of the amounts

By George Herbst 9 Min Read

Recent Liquidation Order opens the book on the Financial Woes of South Africa’s Private Schools

Private education in South Africa is increasingly viewed as a potentially lucrative industry, with some private schools flourishing into substantial

Commercial Insolvency versus Factual Insolvency

The Supreme Court of Appeal recently made judgement in respect of the test regarding factual insolvency vs. commercial in respect

By Eloise Cilliers 8 Min Read

Silent Liabilities: South Africa’s Dormant Companies Face Tax Dilemmas

SARS has been enforcing penalties on dormant companies where companies have failed to submit tax returns and the request for

By Pieter Walters 3 Min Read

The Last Post: South African Postal Service’s race against the clock

The Pretoria High Court has placed the South African Post Office under provisional liquidation, signalling the end of the state-owned