Fiduciary Law in 2024: Essential Wills Guidance for Business Owners 

Regardless of if you're a small business entrepreneur or a medium-sized business owner, planning for a family, or just married,

By Ariza Vermeulen 4 Min Read

Thy Will Not Be Done?

Every September, National Wills Week rolls around - where participating law firms offer basic Will drafting for free. The crucial

By Ariza Vermeulen 10 Min Read

Guarding Your Legacy: The Indispensable Value of a Will

The crucial role of a will is often underestimated, commonly perceived as relevant solely for those with considerable assets. The

By Ariza Vermeulen 3 Min Read

What to expect when purchasing a property from a deceased estate

Purchasing a property from a deceased estate is generally an excellent investment. However, if you are considering purchasing a property

By Ariza Vermeulen 2 Min Read

Considerations for Selecting an Executor in Your Will

When it comes to drafting your will, one of the most important decisions to consider is who will be nominated

By Carike Rademeyer 3 Min Read

Drafting a Will that deals with your foreign assets

Statistics have shown that in 2020, the total number of South Africans that emigrated was roughly 915 000, and many purchased

By Carike Rademeyer 4 Min Read

The problematic ripple effect of a do-it-yourself Will

In South Africa, any will that was created after 1 January 1954, must be in writing. They may be handwritten,

By Carike Rademeyer 3 Min Read

Banks criticised for contributing to unacceptable delays in the winding up of deceased estates

In a recent statement, the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA) called on all South African banks to investigate why

By Ariza Vermeulen 2 Min Read

Executor’s fees: When is it yours?

Based on the outcome of the most recent court case in the Supreme Court of Appeal, Jones v Pretorius, a

By Ariza Vermeulen 4 Min Read