No inheritance tax in South Africa, but…

In South Africa we are privileged not to have to pay inheritance tax on the benefits receives from a deceased

By Ariza Vermeulen 1 Min Read

How incontestable is your Business Will?

A Business Will refers to a succession plan for your enterprise. It is also known as a buy-and-sell agreement as

By Ariza Vermeulen 3 Min Read

Can a last will override beneficiary nomination?

Many policy holders are unclear as to the relationship between beneficiary nomination and their last registered will.

By Ariza Vermeulen 3 Min Read

Delays in the winding up of a deceased estate | Date your Will

A critical starting point for the smooth and efficient winding up of a deceased estate is a valid, well-drafted and

By Ariza Vermeulen 2 Min Read

Why your lawyer should be drafting your will

A will is a legally binding document that declares your wishes relating to your property should you die. If you have

By Ariza Vermeulen 5 Min Read