Navigating The Green Tide: South Africa’s Emerging Greenwashing Litigation Landscape

Environmental consciousness has become a global chorus, and the term 'greenwashing' has emerged as a dissonant note, prompting a surge

By Koos Benadie 5 Min Read

The impact of business rescue proceedings on sureties

The impact of business rescue proceedings on sureties INTRODUCTION: Chapter 6 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (as amended) (“the

By Pieter Walters 6 Min Read

How to register as a credit provider

Register as a National Credit Provider On 11 May 2016, a new threshold of R 0 (nil) was published and

By Heike van Beek 6 Min Read

Why mediation is a good choice

Why mediation is a good choice Litigation between parties can be a very time consuming and expensive exercise. It often

By Andries Stander 13 Min Read

Copyright in South Africa

Copyright in South Africa Intellectual property is a term used to describe the products of the human intellect and include

By Stefaans Gerber 9 Min Read

Changes to the Franchise Agreement

The Franchise Agreement In the past, the natures of franchise agreements were determined only by the contents thereof and the

By Douw Breed 6 Min Read

The MOI in South Africa

Memorandum of Incorporation in South Africa A company that existed prior to 1 May 2011 must replace their Memoranda and

By Douw Breed 8 Min Read

Deciding on a prenuptial agreement

Deciding on a Prenuptial agreement The marriage system is often the last thing on a bride’s mind when planning a wedding.

By Andries Stander 4 Min Read

Warranties and the CPA

Warranties and the CPA How does a warranty work? What are your rights as a consumer? You know your rights,

By Douw Breed 12 Min Read

The Effect of the CPA on the Voetstoots-clauses

What is the effect of the Consumer Protection Act 68, 2008 on the Voetstoots-clauses? The Voetstoots clause is an instrument

By Douw Breed 4 Min Read