Customary Law in South Africa: Are you really married? 

Understanding Marriage Recognition  South Africa's rich cultural diversity influences our legal system, particularly in recognising marriages. Customary law plays a

By Isabel van den Ende 9 Min Read

Radio Interview: How is the amount for child maintenance calculated? Part 2

Part 2: Clement Manyathela speaks to Isabel van den Ende, Senior Associate in the Family Law Department at Barnard, about

By Isabel van den Ende 0 Min Read

Mergers and Acquisitions in 2024: Trends and Legal Considerations 

South Africans are repeatedly cautioned against a predicted ‘bumpy ride’ for 2024, considering the poor economic outlook, low GDP growth,

By Derek Brits 6 Min Read

Fiduciary Law in 2024: Essential Wills Guidance for Business Owners 

Regardless of if you're a small business entrepreneur or a medium-sized business owner, planning for a family, or just married,

By Ariza Vermeulen 4 Min Read

Corporate Governance Checklist for 2024

As we sail into 2024, the waters of corporate governance remain choppy, exacerbated by shifting currents of regulations, stakeholder expectations,

Your IP Portfolio: A Guide to Effective Intellectual Property Management in 2024 

Just as your tangible assets, such as vehicles, office buildings, or machinery, should be protected and maintained, so too should

Private Law in 2024: Family Law and Personal Rights 

In a clear sign that South Africa’s constitutional democracy is maturing, laws relating to family law and personal rights were

By Isabel van den Ende 3 Min Read

Retirement: What is the “Two-Pot” System? 

The National Treasury and Parliament have introduced a new retirement system to replace the current Pension and Provident retirement systems.

By Bradley Wright 5 Min Read

When back to school just isn’t cool | A Legal Explainer

Steps to take if your child becomes the victim of bullying For most children starting school this month – be

By Isabel van den Ende 8 Min Read