Navigating The Green Tide: South Africa’s Emerging Greenwashing Litigation Landscape

Environmental consciousness has become a global chorus, and the term 'greenwashing' has emerged as a dissonant note, prompting a surge

By Koos Benadie 5 Min Read

The Roles, Functions and Benefits of the Family Advocate

The role of the Family Advocate is to take the best interests of the minor children/child into consideration and to

By Danielle Mylie 7 Min Read

Dodging Contract Catastrophes: Key Tips to Protect Your Business from Disastrous Agreements

In the world of business, contracts are the lifeblood that keeps everything running smoothly. While it would be ideal if

By Andries Stander 4 Min Read

In the Pink Palace of Glitz: An Autopsy of Mattel’s Glamorous IP Strategy for the Barbie Brand

A breathless wave of cerise washed over the world as the era of Barbie dawned anew. Just when we thought

By Alisha Muller 4 Min Read

Unlocking Opportunity: An International Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Private Company in South Africa

South Africa, with its rich culture and emerging markets, has become an enticing destination for international entrepreneurs, in spite of

By Koos Benadie 4 Min Read

Defending Your Brand: Understanding Trademark Protection in South Africa

In the crowded world of brands and brand noise, distinguishing your business can be challenging. A strong, recognisable brand, symbolised

By Stefaans Gerber 4 Min Read

Could a Thumbs-Up Emoji be Legally Binding in South Africa?

In a precedent-setting decision, a Canadian court determined that the common "thumbs-up" emoji (or emoticon) carries the same weight as

By Koos Benadie 3 Min Read

Historic Ruling: Constitutional Court expands Parental Rights to Lesbian Couples in Artificial Insemination Cases

29 June 2023 marked a milestone in South African constitutional law when the Constitutional Court issued a groundbreaking ruling that

By Isabel van den Ende 4 Min Read

Rejecting the Insurance Claims of Dishonest Clients: Not the Open and Shut Scenario one would expect it to be

Insurance claims present complex questions of fact, circumstance, and law.  The question arises then; if a customer of an insurance

By George Herbst 8 Min Read

Understanding Choice: Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

The different models available for the effective management of an intellectual property portfolio.  Intellectual property (IP) plays a crucial role

By Viteshen Naidoo 6 Min Read