Budget Speech 2024: South Africa needs a bigger pie

Enoch Godongwana, Minister of Finance delivered his budget speech on 21 February, and his opening remark reaffirmed what all South

By Derek Brits 12 Min Read

Avoiding Disputes On The AI Catwalk: When Fashion Meets Tech, Who Wears The Crown?

The confluence of fashion and artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the industry with supply chains getting smarter and creative processes

By Alisha Muller 4 Min Read

Lodge Adequate Disputes To Ensure That Your Electricity Is Not Disconnected

The High Court in a recent judgment reiterated the importance of lodging thorough and adequate disputes in relation to municipal

By Wilco du Toit 9 Min Read

FIDIC – Proactively Preserving The Contractual Relationship

The FIDIC suite of contracts has gone through extreme lengths to equip construction contractual parties with the tools to not

By Chané Visser 9 Min Read

Largest Rhino Conservation Transaction in History Approved

Marking an unprecedented moment in the world of rhino conservation – South Africa’s Competition Commission approved the largest private rhino

By Izak du Toit Douw Breed 4 Min Read

Thy Will Not Be Done?

Every September, National Wills Week rolls around - where participating law firms offer basic Will drafting for free. The crucial

By Ariza Vermeulen 10 Min Read

Sole Searching in AI: What Louboutin’s trademark battle teaches us about Legal Tech

When you think of Christian Louboutin, what comes to mind are the brand's iconic, red-soled high heels, a trademark that

Insured and Insurer’s Pre-Contractual Duty of Disclosure

It goes without saying that, in the business of insurance, there is a significant emphasis on the duty of disclosure,

By Sally Tlokana 4 Min Read

Dis-Chem Enforcement Notice Spotlights Why Companies Must Establish Operator Agreements to Comply with SA’s POPI Act

The Act protects personal information of individuals against harm which may occur as a result of criminal activity and compliance

Transforming South African Business: What the 2023 Companies Amendment Bills Mean for Owners and Managers

The 2023 Companies Amendment Bills (the "Bills") were recently tabled before Parliament, and they are set to make a few

By Koos Benadie Derek Brits 3 Min Read