Alternative Dispute Resolution

It is always an advantage for parties who are hoping to resolving any dispute to consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) rather than going through the traditional court structures. The primary benefit of ADR is reduced cost, process flexibility, confidentiality, time saving and legal expertise.

Alternative Dispute Resolution can be used to resolve complex commercial and corporate disputes, with Arbitration and Mediation being the main types of  ADR. The ADR methods can be used outside, or in addition to, formal court proceedings.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution team has an established track record of representing parties in arbitration and mediation proceedings, as well as a combination of the processes – to quickly and efficiently resolve any disputes.

Our alternative dispute resolution specialist act for clients in a variety of sectors – including owner-managed companies and multinationals.


Our ADR team has significant experience, and an excellent success rate, in advising on commercial arbitration matters and corporate disputes. We have represented parties in both the public and private sectors, in many complex, high-stakes commercial disputes.

Our ADR team assists with every stage of the dispute process: from negotiating the arbitration clause, to managing the conflict at a project level, prosecuting or defending the claims, and effecting enforcement.


The Barnard Inc. ADR team has successfully assisted in many corporate and commercial mediation disputes, in a wide variety of industries including construction, engineering, retail and insurance.

We assist our clients in preparing for mediation by providing detailed advice and counsel throughout the mediation process. Once a process is resolved our specialists will draft the necessary settlement agreement and follow-up the enforcement thereof to completion.

In all matters involving commercial and contractual disputes, our team offers effective and pragmatic dispute resolution advice and litigation service.

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Dispute Resolution Services

  • Determination of applicable laws governing discussions
  • Arbitration preparation, procedures and rules
  • Arbitration outcomes challenges
  • Drafting of arbitration agreements

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