Contract & Commercial Disputes

Commercial transactions and agreements dominate the course of business every day and disputes or disagreements are bound to occur. Whatever the complexity or circumstances of the commercial or contractual dispute, our professionals are ready to help you enforce your rights.

Whatever the dispute, whether anti-competitive in nature, breach of contract, misleading and deceptive conduct in a transaction, fraud, misrepresentation or loss caused by negligence

In other instances your business may be entitled to enforce common law rights such as in the case of fraudulent conduct, misrepresentation, breach of contract or commercial loss from negligence, Barnard Inc. is ready to enforce and protect your business interests.

Our commercial dispute lawyers act for clients in a variety of sectors – including engineering, retail, telecommunications, banking and insurance.

Contract Disputes

Our commercial litigation is able to advise and assist on all types of contract disputes. We have successfully dealt with the interpretation and enforcement of a number of different types of contract disputes, including partnerships, share sales, supply contracts, franchising, licensing and distribution.

The team at Barnard Inc. has decades of experience in helping businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors, settle disputes. We aim to resolve things for you quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business finances and operations.

In all matters involving commercial and contractual disputes, our team offers effective and pragmatic dispute resolution advice and litigation service.

Commercial Litigation
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Corporate Dispute Services

Our approach to resolving disputes is always to strive for a commercially viable solution that will enable the parties to continue their business relationships. Be it arbitration, litigation or mediation, our attorneys continue to refine their skills through constant training with various experts in the relevant fields.

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