what we offer


Barnard Incorporated Attorneys provide the services of correspondent attorneys for the following jurisdictions:

1. Pretoria Magistrate's Court;
2. Pretoria Regional Court;
3. Pretoria North (Wonderboom) Magistrate's Court;
4. Pretoria High Court.

Barnard Incorporated has an in-depth knowledge of the jurisdictions that we serve and we have a hands-on approach to the matters under our care.

Our fees are charged according to the relevant court's fee structure - we do not charge perusal fees or for letters wherein we request further instructions with the intention to provide our services in a cost effective manner.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to receive any further information in relation to the court practices in the above jurisdictions.

To view a copy of the North Gauteng High Court practice directives you can visit the web page of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces or click here to view such practice directives.



In addition to rendering the complete spectrum of Attorney and Conveyancing services generally associated with an Attorneys Practice, we also dispose over specific competencies in commercial and mercantile matters, civil and criminal litigation in all forums, alternative dispute resolution and construction- and mining law.

We are always on standby to receive your query - 24 Hour Emergency Line - 072 727 2231