Commercial & Industrial Property Disputes

Our property litigation team acts for property owners, managers, developers, and investors in a range of matters such as rental disputes, evictions, rental collections, and the drafting and finalising of lease agreements.

Our recoveries team assists commercial and residential clients in realigning their rental debt strategies through soft debt collection strategies as well as those that require legal steps to be completed.

We ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect the property clients’ reputations while taking into account the requirements and positions of their businesses when collecting from non-compliant tenants.

We assist Property Owners, Managers and Rental Agents with tenant disputes and evictions in commercial and residential properties.

Property Disputes

Whether you are a property owner, developer, property manager or rental agent we have excellent legal solutions for your tenant disputes:

  • Collection of rental arrears
  • Settlement agreements
  • Residential property evictions
  • Commercial property evictions
  • Drafting of lease agreements
  • Litigation and risk strategies

Our attorneys take great care to ensure that our clients’ reputation is protected while ensuring the best possible outcome through practical legal advice and prompt, friendly service.

In all matters involving commercial and contractual disputes, our team offers effective and pragmatic dispute resolution advice and litigation service.

Commercial Litigation
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Tailored Pricing

Our tailored pricing allows for more flexibility when utilising our collection services.

We ensure this by assessing your needs as an individual or corporate entity to determine if a fixed fee is appropriate to your situation, or whether fees should be paid upon success of collection.

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The Rental Disputes and Collections Team