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Wills & Estate Planning Attorneys



Most people regard the arranging of wills and estate planning as a bothersome exercise and often procrastinate when attending thereto. Although it is important to provide for one’s family after one’s death, it remains a topic which is not addressed for a great portion of most people’s lives. The firm has extensive experience in estate planning, structuring and restructuring private individual’s assets and proprietary interests forming part of their estates by utilising available legal mechanisms to achieve optimal commercial benefits and at the same time provide for those individuals’ families before and after their deaths. Naturally, the drafting of wills always forms part of such service, whether it is a simple will without the need for complex detail or it incorporates a trust or other structure in order to cater to the specific commercial or other needs of the individual and his/her family.



In addition to rendering the complete spectrum of Attorney and Conveyancing services generally associated with an Attorneys Practice, we also dispose over specific competencies in commercial and mercantile matters, civil and criminal litigation in all forums, alternative dispute resolution and construction- and mining law.

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