Team Tribute Stories

  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Lethabo
    Still waters run deep | Lethabo Qoza-Msiza

    Lethabo Qoza-Msiza is an accomplished junior attorney in the dynamic corporate and commercial department at Barnard Incorporated. She is actively involved in the drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements with the purpose of preparing documents that accomplishes clients’ goals.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Jaco
    This too shall parse! | Jaco Els

    Jaco Els, Barnard Incorporated’s ICT Consultant, is a one-man stress beating machine and undoubtedly the firm’s designated Chief Entertainment Officer! His sense of humour and fun is never flippant though – he has an authentic desire to energise his colleagues and help them contextualise their worries.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Grj
    Now you’re cooking with gas! | George Herbst

    No matter the industry, innovators have the ability to “see things differently” from the rest of us, and they’re also great at communicating their vision and transfering their enthusiasm powerfully to their team. Barnard Inc. Senior Associate and litigation attorney, George Herbst is the epitomy of a legal innovator.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Stef
    Life by Chocolate! | Stefnie van Staden

    Stefnie’s positive attitude is infectious. Her colleagues describe her as a people’s person; always looking out for others, always helpful. Even the firm’s commercial law clients are bowled over by the effort she takes to get to know them and understand their requirements.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Wilco
    Espresso Yourself | Wilco du Toit

    “Hello. Coffee?” That’s the mantra of the skilled young litigation attorney, Wilco du Toit. You’ll seldom find him without a cup of the finest roast or, indeed, not offering one to a colleague or client. One could very well say that coffee is Wilco’s ‘love language!’

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Johan
    Just Brew It ! | Johan du Toit

    The multi-talented Johan isn’t just a keen craft beer brewer, he also plays guitar (self-taught), completed two Comrades Marathons and is an excellent chef. He’s also one of the finest commercial law attorneys in South Africa to boot.

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  • Natasha-Birthday-Slide
    Rocking Out and Taking Names! | Natasha Truyens

    Natasha has already represented several high-profile divorce clients and has grabbed the attention of some of the province’s most experienced family law advocates.

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  • Alexsa-Da-Costa-_-Birthday
    Life always tastes better with cheesecake | Alexsa Da Costa

    One gets the distinct impression that Barnard Inc’s extremely accomplished Office Manager, Alexsa Da Costa always carries a knife in her handbag – you know, in case of cheesecake or something!

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