Team Tribute Stories

  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Grj
    Lip Balm for the Soul | Robin Bloem

    Robin is the Personal Assistant to both the MD and the Practice Manager at Barnard Inc. It is a demanding duty that requires plenty of confidence and skill.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-MM
    The All-In Family | Michelle Murau

    Michelle’s colleagues are impressed by her efforts and attention to detail. She attributes her work ethic and positive attitude to her parents and siblings.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Onica
    For Love and Coffee | Onica Legodi

    Barnard Inc Barista, Onica Legodi may be famous for her incredible coffee-brewing skills, but her expertise is underlined by an awe-inspiring sense of service and care.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-KG
    Connecting the dots | Kgabo Molokomme

    Barnard Inc Candidate Attorney, Kgabo Molokomme has only just started his career in law, but he is already mindful of the need to combine good choices with career opportunities.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Johane
    There’s always time for tea. | Johané Janse van Vuuren

    We rush around in a whirl of busyness and noise with hardly a moment to stop and breathe. For Barnard Inc Senior Associate, Johané Janse van Vuuren, tea has been one of the great cures to the tyranny of rush in her life and career.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Mark
    Peculiar? It’s called “Mark-eting” | Mark Beckman

    They say life in Cape Town is lekker slow, jy smaak? Well maybe it is, but this does not ring true about Barnard Inc’s brilliant and dynamic marketing specialist Mark Beckman, better known around the office as “Marketing Mark” or simply “the Capetonian”.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Pieter
    Roll up your sleeves. Eat an orange. | Pieter Walters

    A single consultation with Pieter Walters would leave one convinced that, he too, has digested The Little Book of Calm. His colleagues agree that Pieter is extremely cool under pressure and a master at analysing complex legal matters.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Michelle
    Food for Thought | Michelle Adendorff

    A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe – is a credo that resonates massively with Personal Assistant, and brand-new mamma, Michelle Adendorff. It speaks to the zest, effort and flavour that goes into turning our unique recipe for life into a purposeful experience.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Chanica
    Add Lipstick. Attack! | Chanica Viljoen

    Chanica Viljoen’s day-to-day battle is one that is familiar to almost every ambitious and career-orientated woman in South Africa – that of trying to balance a fulltime job, a marriage, 2.75 children, family demands, finances, and the traffic!

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Chanique
    Piece of Cake! | Chanique Rautenbach

    Chanique is a commercial attorney and senior associate with Barnard Incorporated. “I grew up in Lephalale (Ellisras) as a bare foot, ‘skrik vir niks’ bosveld meisie,” she laughs.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-JanL
    Rhythm Junkie! | Jan Lötter

    Business is all about rhythm, says Jan Lotter. If we understand our place in the market, our resources and our data, we can develop the right cadence for protecting our interests while taking advantage of opportunities.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Zoe
    Unapologetically Me! | Zoë Wort

    Barely a few years after joining Barnard Inc. after completing her BCom Law and LLB degrees at the University of Pretoria, Zoë became a Junior Director at the dynamic firm.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Danielle
    I can. I will. End of Story. | Danielle de Bruyn

    Anyone who doesn’t know Danielle well enough would describe her as “busy,” but there is very obviously “method in her momentum.” She has quickly become a specialist in Construction and Engineering Law, with a special focus on alternative dispute resolution through arbitrations, mediations and adjudications, both locally and internationally.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Lethabo
    Still waters run deep | Lethabo Qoza-Msiza

    Lethabo Qoza-Msiza is an accomplished junior attorney in the dynamic corporate and commercial department at Barnard Incorporated. She is actively involved in the drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements with the purpose of preparing documents that accomplishes clients’ goals.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Jaco
    This too shall parse! | Jaco Els

    Jaco Els, Barnard Incorporated’s ICT Consultant, is a one-man stress beating machine and undoubtedly the firm’s designated Chief Entertainment Officer! His sense of humour and fun is never flippant though – he has an authentic desire to energise his colleagues and help them contextualise their worries.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Grj
    Now you’re cooking with gas! | George Herbst

    No matter the industry, innovators have the ability to “see things differently” from the rest of us, and they’re also great at communicating their vision and transfering their enthusiasm powerfully to their team. Barnard Inc. Senior Associate and litigation attorney, George Herbst is the epitomy of a legal innovator.

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  • Barnard-Birthday-Slide-Stef
    Life by Chocolate! | Stefnie van Staden

    Stefnie’s positive attitude is infectious. Her colleagues describe her as a people’s person; always looking out for others, always helpful. Even the firm’s commercial law clients are bowled over by the effort she takes to get to know them and understand their requirements.

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