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Business Rescue: A Guide for Company Owners and Shareholders

Business rescue is a legal process designed to rehabilitate a financially distressed company. If your company is struggling to meet

When Shareholders Collide: Managing Disputes in South Africa’s Boardrooms

Shareholder disputes are an inevitable part of the business world, particularly in the high-stakes environment of South Africa’s corporate sector.

By Koos Benadie 4 Min Read

Understanding the Divorce Amendment Act, 2024: What It Means for Muslim Marriages

The Divorce Amendment Act, 2024, is a significant piece of legislation in South Africa that brings much-needed clarity and protection

How bond registration under Section 88 protects you in insolvency situations

Imagine you lend money to someone, securing this loan with a bond on their property. But what if the borrower

By Koos Benadie 3 Min Read

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Budget Speech 2024: South Africa needs a bigger pie

Enoch Godongwana, Minister of Finance delivered his budget speech on 21 February, and his opening remark reaffirmed what all South

By Derek Brits 12 Min Read

From Liberty City to Mod City: How Modding is challenging the nexus between IP rights and creativity

Modding - the practice of modifying video games to create unique experiences - has become a thriving mainstay within the

By Viteshen Naidoo 5 Min Read

Shared Lives, Separate Laws: Understanding Cohabitation Without an Agreement

Cohabitation relationships refer to the act of living together with someone in an intimate and committed relationship without being married

By Danielle Mylie 11 Min Read

Understanding the Different Types of IP Rights

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is crucial in today's competitive business environment, where intangible assets play a significant role in determining

By Viteshen Naidoo 5 Min Read

Customary Law in South Africa: Are you really married? 

Understanding Marriage Recognition  South Africa's rich cultural diversity influences our legal system, particularly in recognising marriages. Customary law plays a

By Isabel van den Ende 9 Min Read


Barnard transforms Intellectual Property practice with strategic team enhancements

Barnard Incorporated, named the Most Innovative Law Firm in Africa in 2022 by, proudly

Barnard Celebrates a Quarter Century with Prestigious Accolades on Africa’s Legal Stage

Barnard, a prominent full-service commercial law firm, has once again received a prestigious nod by

Barnard associate selected as first candidate in historic international lawyer exchange program

Philip Roberts, an exceptional young Associate at Barnard, has been selected as the first candidate

Mergers and Acquisitions in 2024: Trends and Legal Considerations 

South Africans are repeatedly cautioned against a predicted ‘bumpy ride’ for 2024, considering the poor economic outlook, low GDP growth,

By Derek Brits 6 Min Read

Fiduciary Law in 2024: Essential Wills Guidance for Business Owners 

Regardless of if you're a small business entrepreneur or a medium-sized business owner, planning for a family, or just married,

By Ariza Vermeulen 4 Min Read

Corporate Governance Checklist for 2024

As we sail into 2024, the waters of corporate governance remain choppy, exacerbated by shifting currents of regulations, stakeholder expectations,

Your IP Portfolio: A Guide to Effective Intellectual Property Management in 2024 

Just as your tangible assets, such as vehicles, office buildings, or machinery, should be protected and maintained, so too should

Private Law in 2024: Family Law and Personal Rights 

In a clear sign that South Africa’s constitutional democracy is maturing, laws relating to family law and personal rights were

By Isabel van den Ende 3 Min Read
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