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Barnard bolsters leadership with Izak du Toit as new Director

Barnard, a firm renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence in commercial law, proudly announces the appointment of Izak

By Douw Breed 3 Min Read

3 stripes and they’re out?! Is Adidas’ iconic 3-stripe mark losing its distinctiveness?

Adidas, famous for its three-stripe design, has always been very protective of its trade mark, often taking vigorous legal action

By Aletia Oberholster 3 Min Read

Mind The Time Limits | Liquidation Processes

The Supreme Court of Appeal recently considered the matter of Botha NO and Others v Jonker and Others (1003 /

By Pieter Walters 14 Min Read

Voluntary and Compulsory Liquidation Proceedings in South Africa

In South Africa, the liquidation, dissolution, or winding-up of a company is not limited to instances of financial distress but

By Eloise Cilliers 4 Min Read

Industry Alliances


How bond registration under Section 88 protects you in insolvency situations

Imagine you lend money to someone, securing this loan with a bond on their property. But what if the borrower

By Koos Benadie 3 Min Read

Understanding customary marriage in South African law

The Recognition of Customary Marriages Act (RCMA) of 1998 represents a significant step in formalising customary marriages in South Africa,

By Isabel van den Ende 5 Min Read

Is synthetic data a silver bullet for AI, copyright, and privacy concerns?

In a digital era characterised by a proliferation of big data and artificial intelligence (AI), the importance of data has

By Viteshen Naidoo 4 Min Read

Key Considerations for choosing a Business Rescue Practitioner

It is an unfortunate fact that the success rate of business rescue proceedings in South Africa is very low. To

Business rescue and its impact on employees

Employees are the lifeline of any company, so it is vital that all internal and external stakeholders of a distressed


Barnard transforms Intellectual Property practice with strategic team enhancements

Barnard Incorporated, named the Most Innovative Law Firm in Africa in 2022 by, proudly

Barnard Celebrates a Quarter Century with Prestigious Accolades on Africa’s Legal Stage

Barnard, a prominent full-service commercial law firm, has once again received a prestigious nod by

Barnard associate selected as first candidate in historic international lawyer exchange program

Philip Roberts, an exceptional young Associate at Barnard, has been selected as the first candidate

From Liberty City to Mod City: How Modding is challenging the nexus between IP rights and creativity

Modding - the practice of modifying video games to create unique experiences - has become a thriving mainstay within the

By Viteshen Naidoo 5 Min Read

Shared Lives, Separate Laws: Understanding Cohabitation Without an Agreement

Cohabitation relationships refer to the act of living together with someone in an intimate and committed relationship without being married

By Danielle Mylie 11 Min Read

Understanding the Different Types of IP Rights

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is crucial in today's competitive business environment, where intangible assets play a significant role in determining

By Viteshen Naidoo 5 Min Read

Customary Law in South Africa: Are you really married? 

Understanding Marriage Recognition  South Africa's rich cultural diversity influences our legal system, particularly in recognising marriages. Customary law plays a

By Isabel van den Ende 9 Min Read

Radio Interview: How is the amount for child maintenance calculated? Part 2

Part 2: Clement Manyathela speaks to Isabel van den Ende, Senior Associate in the Family Law Department at Barnard, about

By Isabel van den Ende 0 Min Read
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